There are many different ways to support our activities

You can make an individual donation or sponsor projects if you are a company. 

Tibet Save & Care also values your time, energy and skills – they can be of great benefit to the association.

You can organize events to benefits projects and help us with these initiatives.

You can also ask your acquaintances and relatives to make a donation to Tibet Save & Care instead of giving presents, flowers or other gifts.

Your donations, even if they are minimal, are extremely valuable. 

They not only enable us to improve living conditions and education for vulnerable children and adults, but together, to set the ground for a better future.

Because we all depend on each other, we share a common future.

We have trusted local relays and friends that ensure that every project and action is carried out as decided.

We travel at our own cost at least once a year to Asia, to assess the situation for ourselves and take stock of needs and progress.

Thank you for contacting us to find out more and be part of the projects underway :

Thank you very much for your engagement.